Today, we have updated IPFire on AWS to IPFire 2.25 - Core Update 146 - the latest official release of IPFire.

Since IPFire is available on AWS, we are gaining more and more users who are securing their cloud infrastructure behind an easy to configure, yet fast and secure firewall.

This update brings a new kernel as well as many other exciting changes.


The most important change for the cloud is that on AWS, IPFire will now default to a MTU of 9001 bytes for all internal interfaces. The RED interface will remain on 1500 bytes, since this is the Internet defaults to that size and we prefer IPFire performing any fragmentation and reassembly of packets over Amazon’s network stack.

This allows more network throughput with less overhead.

Try it out today for free!

There is a detailed installation guide available which helps you setting up your cloud correctly for IPFire.

How to update?

For all customers that are already running on the latest image, there is nothing to do here but to make sure that you have all updates installed on your instance.

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