Today, we have updated IPFire on AWS to IPFire 2.23 - Core Update 138 - the latest official release of IPFire.

This update includes security fixes for vulnerabilities in Intel processors as well as the new and improved Quality of Service.


We are very happy that from week to week, we are gaining more customers for IPFire in the cloud - where you now can manage your network just as you do it in your own data centre.

In contrast to Amazon’s own features, IPFire is easier to manage, performs just as well, but brings you even more features like standard IPsec VPNs, OpenVPN for on-the-road connectivity to the cloud, Intrusion Prevention for your cloud servers, detailed logging and reporting and many more features.

Try it out today for free!

There is a detailed installation guide available which helps you setting up your cloud correctly for IPFire.

How to update?

For all customers that are already running on the latest image, there is nothing to do here but to make sure that you have all updates installed on your instance.

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we have recently launched our new IPFire Community Portal with that, we also launched our new account system at

Some of you have already signed up there, but many of you didn't, yet.

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IPFire 2.23 - Core Update 138 released

by Michael Tremer, November 18, Updated November 18

Just days after the last one, we are releasing IPFire 2.23 - Core Update 138. It addresses and mitigates recently announced vulnerabilities in Intel processors.

Intel Vulnerabilities

Intel has blessed us again with a variety of hardware vulnerabilities which need to be mitigated in software. Unfortunately those will further decrease the performance of your IPFire systems due to changes in Intel's microcodes which are also shipped with this Core Update.

If you would like to learn more about these vulnerabilities, please look here, here, here, and here.

We recommend to install this update as quickly as possible to prevent your system from being exploited through these vulnerabilities. A reboot is required to activate the changes.