At first, our apologies that we let you wait this long for the testing announcement. The update has already been a while in the testing tree, but we didn’t tell you what is hidden inside. This is because we, the developers, are currently very busy with a lot of (often private) stuff, so that we could use some help, please.

IPFire 2.13 – Core Update 73 comes with a bunch of smaller bugfixes and updates. The most important ones of these are updates of the squid web proxy server and PHP.

squid 3.3

The squid web proxy server has been updated to version 3.3.9. The most notable changes since the current version of squid running in IPFire are better SMP scalability, an updated logging infrastructure and fixes all over the place.

The transparent mode has been dropped in favour of the more general intercept mode, which requires a different port than for the transparent mode. There is no intervention by the user required, when updating your IPFire system.

Also, the default number of file descriptors has been increased for new installations.

php 5.3.27

PHP has been updated to version 5.3.27, which fixes a whole bunch of bugs as usual. The ZIP and sqlite2 modules are compiled in now.

Misc. changes

  • Wireless Client: You can now use an apostrophe (’) in the SSID string (#10427). There has also been some help added for the priority option (#10428).
  • Static Routes: Fix validating IP addresses (e.g. was recognized as a wrong IP address).
  • The hardware and GeoIP databases have been updated as well.

These are not too many changes for a core update. More intesting things are currently happening in the fifteen branch where the new firewall GUI is currently developed (please check our wishlist about this, if you haven’t yet) and where we are preparing for IPFire 2.15.

Core Update 73 is now available in the testing tree. Please help us testing, so we can release this very soon. Your help is very much appreciated.