Core Update 35

by Jan Paul Tücking, January 28, 2010

Today we are going to release Core 35. It implicates following changes:

  • Applied the latest security patches to squidGuard to prevent buffer overflows and from going into emergency mode when overlong URLs are encountered
  • Add missing modules for intersil/prism (disabled)
  • Disabled connscheduler on general (*)
  • Add zerofree to cleanup flash and xenimages (*)
  • Fix for countrycode list (thx to m.a.d)
  • Webinterface:
    • Fix the link to external Snort SID page
  • Outgoing Firewall:
    • Parse pre Core34 rules correct and enabled change logging in mode 1
    • Added GRE and ESP protocol to outgoing firewall
  • Xen:
    • Fix klogd fails on xen-kernel
    • Disabled start of console initscript on xen-image (*)
    • Change xen-image boot fstype to ext2 (*)

(*) These changes have only effect on new installations of IPFire.