I am proud that I have been assigned to the task of the wiki coordinator. The wiki coordinator is a new task on the IPFire team and I would like to introduce it to you in this brief post:

In most cases, if someone had a problem, question or feature request he posts it on our forums and we all help to fix it. That is great! I like that! Our community is friendly and does great work! Thanks to everyone who helps.

In addition to that, there is the wiki that is maintained by the community as well. There are a lot of people working on there every single day and I am sure everyone got a lot of information out of there.

But who are those people? It’s we all!

For most of you, this may be a suprising fact, that you can easily log-on with your account from the forums and write new articles, improve existing ones or transfer content to an other language. Some other knew that but in general one specific thing was missing: coordination.

Together with other leading persons in the project, the idea of a coordinator was discussed and it came with several constraints: The job of the coordinator should not be permanent, but re-assigned after a specific amount of time which is now approx. 13 weeks. The coordinator should mainly moderate discussions on the mailing list [1] and help interested people to start on the team.

In short: If you are interested to join the IPFire Documentation Team [2], the coordinator is the man to talk to. And that man is me until the 30th of June.

Some details about me: My name is Daniel. I am 33 years old and from Germany. I am working on the IPFire Project by testing upcoming core updates and also writing documentation. Hence my personal aim is to make IPFire even more simple to use and the Wiki is a very important resource to achieve that goal.

To get in touch, you can simple email me in English and German (daniel.weismueller@ipfire.org). For public discussion please use the mailinglist [1].
More interesting news is coming soon. Make sure to subscribe to the RSS feed of the planet so you won’t miss it.


[1] http://lists.ipfire.org/mailman/listinfo/documentation
[2] http://wiki.ipfire.org/projects/docs/start