On the summit there was time to play a little bit with the wirless network connections. Especially me does not know many things about 3G networks (called mostly UMTS in Germany) and so I got a chance to figure some things out.

We are going to support IPFire 3.x in a wireless client mode, so you can connect IPFire to another wireless network. That could be for example a hotspot network or your neighbour’s one. Code is pretty much working for encrypted networks (WPA2/WPA) but not yet finished for unencrypted networks and we still do not know weather to support this or not.

Definitely, there will be support for 3G networks and we almost finished it on the summit, too. We are having lots of ideas that will be added in the future to make the first installation very easy.

By that way: If anybody can send me an UMTS stick that is no longer needed it would help much. Send me an email…