Relaunching #ipfire

by Michael Tremer, June 18, 2021, Updated June 18, 2021

I am sure you have already heard that the Freenode IRC Network has been hijacked and lots of people lost control over their IRC channels. So did the IPFire Project.

Although we didn't consider IRC the best protocol for conversations that require more than average privacy, the #ipfire channel was still around. We are self hosting a Jabber server which is hosting a public channel that was meant to replace IRC, but it never caught on. It seems that the golden era of live chatting to people on the Internet is a little bit over...

Nevertheless, I am overwhelmed what important role the IRC network played for the tech community.

That is why I recreated #ipfire on Libera Chat, a new free network. You can access it by pointing your favourite IRC client to ircs:// and join the #ipfire channel.

Join us, hang out, meet people...