Introduction to Pakfire 3.x

Most of you will know, that we (the IPFire developers) have been working very hard on IPFire 3.x recently. It’s still hard to tell many details about it, because so many things are still not done, but on the other hand, we are proud that so much is already finished by now.

One of the things, that is already finished is the new version of Pakfire, the IPFire package management system, that will be responsible for updates in the distribution.

IPFire 3.x has been divided into lots of small packages instead of a bigger standard installation image and a couple of addon packages. We now build only packages which altogether build the distribution. This is commonly done by most of the other distributions.

So, Pakfire is not only a package management system any more. It was merged with the buildsystem, that we have fewer code to maintain and not to keep any lines redundant. What came out of that is a very tiny tool that manages nearly 100% of the development process which means: it builds source and binary packages, runs automatic tests to keep up our high quality level and manages packages/files on the IPFire systems that will be running at your home or office.


But now, we need your help. There are a couple of things the IPFire developers cannot do on their own. In this case, the translation into several languages cannot be done by myself, because I am only capable of a few languages, but of course, we want to achieve a better language support in IPFire.

We are using Transifex to make translation easier for the translators. There is no need to dive into code and work with crappy translation tools. All you need is a web browser, register an account at transifex and join a translation team.

That’s what I now want you to do: Please join the translation of Pakfire to make that tool more easy to use by adding support for your language. All what you need to do is to click on the link below and follow the instructions on that page. It would help very much.

If there are any questions, please email me.