Causing of a quiet active community there was a lot of development also for OpenVPN on IPFire. So for this occasion, i want to introduce the newest OpenVPN changes on IPFire.
At this time there is a unsupported release of Core 60 available where all the OpenVPN changes are collected to a temporarily upgrade. So for interested people there is now the possibility to participate on the current development and to support it also with own ideas, patches or simply to check it for eventual Bugs.

There is a thread in the forum where an installation example and additional informations are available. For more information, take a look to —>,6422.0.html .

So for a short overview, the following changes are made until now:

The net-to-net connections are now integrated into the start page and displays the actual connection state of every net-to-net connection. The OpenVPN WUI shows now also the connection buildup over the “client and status control” section. The new n2n functionalities are managed by the now integrated management interface which provides also additional possibilities.

The host-to-net WUI have now the possibilities to add more additional routes over the webinterface, so the roadwarrior can be easily connected to other networks.

To bring this version (and potential extensions) up to a stable state, more testing users/systems and feedback are quiet welcome and important. So feel free to contribute your own know-how and opinions.