It’s already been four years since IPFire 2 was released for the first time. There has been huge progress until today, the release of version 2.11.

As in every single IPFire release we have made so far, there have been updates that brought new features and despite of that kept the systems always up to date.

The biggest new feature in the now released version 2.11 of IPFire is the option to create net-to-net VPNs with OpenVPN. Until now, it was only possible to use OpenVPN to create roadwarrior networks, but we kept the easiness of configuring VPN tunnels by just sending configuration archives in ZIP format. To learn how that is working, see the reworked documentation on the wiki or go out and buy the latest issue of LinuxUser (German Linux magazine) which is available until 16th November 2011.

IPsec-VPNs do now support the IKEv2 protocol which allows a more secure, faster and easier connection of the tunnels. It also is capable of creating IPsec VPNs through Carrier NAT.

Additionally, there is a way to add static entries to the routing table.

In case you have seen the announcement in the last month, you know that there is an ARM port of IPFire 2.11 available, which is still under development and we are still searching for contributors.

It would be great if you or your company would donate to support the developers by self-financing the project.