The IPFire project has changed its bug tracking software to Bugzilla:

As the developers have been missing a proper bugtracker for a long time, we experimented a lot and went from mantis over redmine to Bugzilla. Each of the formerly mentioned is very fine software and especially redmine had a lot of cool features, but when you get a couple of bugs into the system, it often gets messy. People who have nothing to do with one component are bothered by viewing a bug list of astronomical size and need to read through every single one to pick those for which he is responsible in the team.

In Bugzilla we seperated the whole distribution into components where each component represents a single package. If a package has got a maintainer, he gets by default assigned to new bugs and is automatically notified about things that require attention. In other cases, bugs can be easily browsed and be found by the search function.

We also would like to integrate Bugzilla to our wiki and the upcoming Pakfire Build System which will make it even more easy to track changes in the distribution. You can be exited for that. Details will be announced soon.

To all developers, please don’t forget to send feedback. There is also a section escpecially for the IPFire infrastructure. I would also be very happy if somebody is coming forward to write some bug writing guidelines.