The IPFire development team is doing a summit twice a year. And now it is the time of the year when the first one is taking place (undisclosed time and place).

Recently, these events have not been publicly announced in a big way, because I thought that might not be a very useful information for the most of you. But indeed, the community should contribute because things that people from the community have on their minds matter.

So I would like to ask you to send in advices, complaints and more that we should talk about to This might sound a bit vague, but feel free to literally ask anything. Plans about how development will go on, something that bothered you for a long time… You know?

I will try to cover all issues that were sent in during the time of the summit and find answers to all of the questions.

We have also prepared some topics on our own and prepared presentations that will be held. The presentation slides will be uploaded after the event. Stay tuned for that.