It is the time of the year again where we are planning the next IPFire Developer Summit, the annual conference of the IPFire development community. Once a year, we meet to exchange new ideas for the near future, talk about IPFire and other technology, and learn to know each other a bit better.

This year there will be talks, workshops and panel sessions about various topics. We are still calling for participation so that a final schedule is not available, yet. It will certainly be at least as exciting as the previous summits.

Where and when?

We are delighted that we will be holding the event at the Mozilla space in London from October 9th to 11th, 2015.

This is an invitation-only event, but we are happy to receive any self-nominations. If you are interested in attending the summit, or if you want to hold a talk about some IPFire-related topic that is interesting for the IPFire developers, I would like to get an email from you.


We are also looking for sponsors. Except the conference location, the IPFire Developer Summit requires a lot of contribution from the attendants and we would be more than happy if someone takes the opportunity to support us and this event. It is very much essential for our community and makes working together way easier and more productive. We are all already looking forward very much for this year’s summit.