at this time of the year it is time to plan our next developer summit, where the IPFire developers will gather together and talk about all sorts of project-related topics. We are going to look into the future and plan releases, make roadmaps and more.

The last summits have been only a few days long and travelling costs have become expensive. Therefore we are very happy that we have found a location where travelling to is really inexpensive and fast and where we can stay for an extended weekend.

Because we don’t want to disclose the exact location of the event, this is all the information you will get for now: The IPFire developer summit will be in London (West Kensington), United Kingdom on the weekend of the 21 st and 22 nd September 2013.

We would like to invite everyone who is interested in coming around to say hi. This is the ideal place to get in touch with all the people in the project. Although it is named developer summit, it is not limited to developers only. You don’t need to be afraid to fit in.

Stay tuned for more information about this very soon.