Hey folks,

today, I want to point you to a thread on the Copfilter forum. They are having a poll if to port Copfilter to IPFire.

Copfilter is an add-on for IPCop. It comes with a transparent SMTP proxy which is able to scan your emails on the fly for viruses. This works as well for POP3, HTTP and FTP. In conclusion, it checks everything that enters your network and only lets the good stuff through. You may find more information about all this on their website.

The survey, that has been published today will run for a couple of days and its intention is to find out if the community would like to support Copfilter on IPFire. So, if you would like to see Copfilter running on IPFire please head over to their forum and write a few lines to the developers telling them what you are thinking.

The survey is available in English and German.