We are proud to announce the first release candidate of IPFire 2.17. A major release with many changes under the hood. Especially security improvements and hardware compatibility.

Changes since beta 1

Some software packages have been updated since the last release. Those cover just bug fixes or other smaller changes:

  • The Linux kernel has been updated to 3.14.29 and received various patches for supporting ARM boards.
  • Many device drivers have been backported from kernel 3.18 for better hardware support.
  • The package with all device firmwares has been updated.
  • glibc has been patched against the GHOST vulnerability.
  • wpa_supplicant and hostapd have been updated for more stable wireless connections.
  • The installer won’t crash any more on systems with a small screen resolution and a language with very long sentences.

Updated add-ons

  • Pound has been updated to version 2.7 stable which allows better protection against the POODLE vulnerability.
  • mtr has been updated to version 0.86
  • fping has been updated to version 3.10.

Please help us testing this release! Only with your support is it possible to release a stable and bug-free version of IPFire. For all testers who are already running a pre-release of IPFire 2.17, please reset the “version” of your system to 2.17.1. reset the Core Update version to 85 and install this update. For more information, please check out this guide on our wiki.
EDIT: When updating from IPFire 2.15, please also execute rm -vf /opt/pakfire/db/meta/meta-core-upgrade-86.

You can also download the installation images here.