Core Update 69 is available for testing now. If you can, please install the update and give us feedback. The changes are as follows:

Kernel Update

The Linux kernel has been updated, to address several minor security issues and other bugs. The kernel is based on Linux 3.2.46 and comes with the latest wireless stack from kernel 3.8.3. The DVB stack remains the same.

Some wireless hardware has got better support in term of stability and we have added some more drivers for several networking hardware like USB ethernet adapters and so on. Please report any new hardware on the corresponding hardware compatibility lists.

New boot menu

I am sure you have already seen the new boot menu. We got loads of feedback. Thanks for that.

Turkish Translation

A brand new translation of the IPFire installer and Web User Interface into the Turkish language has been added. Thanks for that to Ersan Yildirim.

Several package updates

  • openssh 6.2p2
  • strace 4.7
  • tcpdump 4.4.0

We are planning a two week test phase. Please help us, so we can find any bugs very early in this test phase, fix them and move on for the new things there are to come. We have a very full pipeline full of new cool things and we would like to see them pushed out very soon.

Most importantly, there is the new firewall GUI. To give it a boost so that we can put more resources in it, we have added it to the IPFire wishlist. Please go there and to support us and don’t forget to spread the news to your friends.