Today, the IPFire development team released the 67th Core Update for IPFire 2. This update comes within the usual 4-week schedule and brings various bug fixes.

New wireless drivers

With IPFire 2.13 came a new kernel based on Linux 3.2. The wireless drivers were taken from Linux 3.6 and subsequently, some users reported that their hardware did not work as well as it had previously.
With this core update, the wireless drivers have been grabbed from Linux 3.8, where numerous problems have been fixed and also new hardware support has been added.
Please note that a reboot is required to make use of the new drivers.

The driver for ASIX USB network adapters has also been updated to version 4.5.

HP/Compaq SmartArray RAID controller

The installation of a new IPFire system on a SmartArray controller previously would fail because the disk size could not properly be determined. This issue has been fixed in this release.

The small beans

  • Update Accelerator now supports caching of Microsoft Windows 8 updates.
  • fireinfo has been updated to version 2.1.7, where a new hardware string has been put on the blacklist.
  • squid is now compiled with --enable-cache-digests (#10311)
  • OpenVPN client packages can now be downloaded when the server is not enabled.
  • Duplicate mISDN modules have been removed. mISDN is functional again.

We recommend that everyone updates to the latest version. Without a doubt, this is the best version of IPFire that has ever been released. If you think so as well, please consider donating to the project.