Hello guys,

since yesterday, a preview version of Core Update 67 may be found in the testing tree.

We would like to release the stable version during or after the next weekend, so please help us testing!

The changes are as follows:

  • New wireless kernel modules taken from Linux 3.8. This should fix problems with some wireless adapters since IPFire 2.13.
  • New version of the ASIX driver (4.5).
  • Update Accelerator now supports Windows 8 updates.
  • The installer has been fixed, so installation on HP/Compaq SmartArray RAID controllers is working again.
  • fireinfo 2.1.7 is included which comes with an updated blacklist for invalid hardware strings.
  • squid is now compiled with --enable-cache-digests (#10311)
  • OpenVPN client packages can now be downloaded when the server is not enabled.
  • Duplicate mISDN modules have been removed, so mISDN is functional again.

On behalf of the IPFire developers,