Today, the last core update for IPFire 2.11 in this year has been released. It is the 65th of the IPFire 2 series and comes with some new features and bugfixes.


Alexander Marx developed a graphical interfaces with help of which one can configure OpenVPN roadwarrior clients individually.

It is possible to add routes, different DNS servers, static IP addresses to individual roadwarrior clients. One may also add networks from which IP addresses may be assigned to clients. Those subnets and static IP addresses can be used to create firewall rules and permit clients only to access certain parts of a network. More work in this area will be released in the future.

OpenVPN path MTU discovery

The second OpenVPN-related feature in this release will increase the performance of your VPN connections by chosing the perfect MTU value. This reduces overhead and puts as much data into the packets as possible.

It’s easy to configure with just one box to check. More about this can be found in Stefan’s blog post and the testing announcement of this Core Update.

Minor bugfixes

  • Static routes can now be added when they are noted in the subnet mask format like
  • The Wake-on-LAN feature now sends two packets to the sleeping one host. One is sent to the target MAC address and one is sent to the broadcast address. Some BIOSes only start with one of those.
  • The data archives of vnstat and collected are now included in the backup.
  • The daq library which caused that snort did not start has been installed.

New add-ons and add-on updates

  • Samba 3.5.20 has been released and comes with some minor bugfixes.
  • SARG can be installed and will analyse your proxy logs to create beautiful reports out of them.

Interesting posts on the IPFire planet

On the IPFire Planet, there are some posts which are very interesting. Please take a minute to read them and consider subscribing to the Planet RSS feed.

We recommend that everyone updates to this version of IPFire as soon as possible.