Today, we are releasing Core Update 57 for IPFire 2.11. It is again a minor bugfix and security update.

Software updates

These components have been updated to address various security issues or potential DDoS attacks:

  • php: security update to 5.3.10
  • apache: security update to 2.2.22
  • squid: update to 3.19

Misc. changes

A bug in the GUI of the outgoing firewall was fixed, which automatically disabled a rule after it has been edited (#10022).

vim does now work better on remote consoles like PuTTY. Thanks for patches to Mathias Schneuwly (#10021).
The welcome banner that is shown to Cisco’s roadwarrior VPN client is now customized and says “Welcome to IPFire – An Open Source Firewall Solution”.

Recently updated addons

These addons have been updated in the last few weeks:

  • cups: update to version 1.4.8
  • nut: update to latest version 2.6.3
  • pound: update to latest stable 2.6

If you like, you may express your appreciation for these updates by making a donation to support the IPFire Project.

Thanks to all who have contributed to this core update. The full changelog can be reviewed on gitweb.