This Thursday, IPFire 2.11 will be available at your newspaper kiosk in Germany. The German magazine LinuxUser, which is a derivative from the well-known Linux Magazine, is shipping IPFire 2.11 exclusively and containing a guide on how to use the new VPN functions.

To get IPFire 2.11 early, you can get the magazine from a newspaper kiosk near you and install IPFire 2.11 fresh from the DVD that comes with the magazine, or you can update your running version. Instructions in the article.

What can one expect from the new version?
IPFire 2.11 comes with enhanced VPN technologies. It is possible to create net-to-net (or also called site-to-site) VPNs with OpenVPN from the web user interface. IPsec was updated as well and does now support Internet Key Exchange Protocol 2 (IKEv2) with makes it possible to run IPsec tunnels through NAT and Carrier-NAT. More details on that can be found in the interesting article linked below.

LinuxUser is available at 20th October 2011 in Germany and other countries. IPFire 2.11 will be officially released on 1st November 2011. Those who cannot stand the wait and speak German can read a preview of the article.