Infrastructure Updates

by Michael Tremer, September 12, 2019, Updated September 12, 2019

This is a post to the developers and other people who contribute to the IPFire project and have an account on our infrastructure.

Since we have rolled out loads of changes recently, some change in client configuration is required. This was announced on the development mailing list, but for those who have missed it, here is a little blog post.

Step 1: Change your password

We have introduced Kerberos to all of our internal services. This will help us to make authentication more secure and at the same time more convenient by using single sign-on. To create all necessary attributes to your user profile and generate a Kerberos key, you will need to log in to and change your password - as Kerberos keys are being derived from your password. Please make sure to use a very strong password.

Step 2: Update your email client

If you are using an email client on your desktop or mobile, please update the settings as shown on the wiki.

That is it! You are now set up to use our new email server with all the new features like TLSv1.3. More on that in an extra blog post soon...