Hello guys,

I am writing this to you an behalf of Fajar Ramadhan, who has started an Indonesian website for IPFire. The site is a place for Indonesian people to meet and talk about IPFire, our awesome firewall project.

What can I find there? If you aren’t speaking Bahasa Indonesian, you won’t understand a word. But if you do, you will find the recent news about the project, some information in general like a feature list, screenshots and much more.

The won’t be any documentation on the website, because Fajar is working on translating the guides and knowledge on our wiki at http://wiki.ipfire.org/id/start and he will appreciate contributions.

So, please join and get in touch. I would like to see IPFire becoming a well-known firewall distribution in Indonesia soon.

The start is done, now it is up to you.

Fajar’s website: ipfire.web.id