Today we are going to release Core 37. It implicates following changes:

  • Update of openssh to 5.4p1
  • Update of openssl to 0.9.8n
  • Update of apache to 2.2.15
  • Update of sslh to current stable
  • Update of madwifi to lastest stable
  • Update of lm_sensors to current stable
  • Enabled identd lookup for squid
  • Fix cyrus-sasl autorun
  • Fix pakfire pingtest to use icmp again
  • Fix ath5k (no txbuf available)
  • Fix disk (media/hardware) graphs with xen
  • Fix temp readings for some Atom boards
  • Fix mISDN-hfcusb driver (reportl1down and bchannel endpoint)
  • Fix english qos page
  • Fix urlfilter wasting much memory
  • Add eject commandline tool
  • Add possibility to change the ssh port from 222 back to standart port 22
  • Add Atom cpu to p4-clockmod
  • Add ET131x ethernet driver

Because of the security updates of ssh and ssl, we recommend all users to install this core update!

If you had installed this core update from “testing tree” before 01.04.2010 check the forum how to reinstall this update because the openssl update was added in last minute.

We plan to change the ipsec vpn software from openswan to strongswan in one of the next updates. To prepare this you schould check the settings and fill the “Local ID” and “Remote ID” field. The webif marks this as “can be blank” but this will change with strongswan!