Core Update 36

by Jan Paul Tücking, February 1, 2010

Today we are going to release Core 36. It implicates following changes:

  • Update of openssh to 5.3p1
  • Update of openssl to 0.9.8l
  • Change cyrus-sasl from package to common
  • Webinterface:
    • Fixed some typos (thx to lavaguy)
    • Add a delay to pakfire.cgi to prevent pakfire run’s twice.
  • IPTV:
    • Add IPTV chains for IGMPPROXY to firewall.
  • Addon:
    • Update of nmap to 5.20
    • Update of rsync to 3.0.7

Because of the security updates of ssh and ssl, we recommend all users to install this core update!