Today we are going to release the first update in 2010. Core 34 comes with the following changes:

  • Kernel update to
    • Update of mISDN, mISDNuser
    • Update of alsa to 1.0.22(.1)
    • Update of v4l-dvb
    • Update of compat-wireless to
    • Switch of atheros default driver to ath5k
    • Add kvm-kmod to update the kvm api for qemu
    • Add Atheros/Attansic atl1c ethernet driver
    • Add patches to detect Realtek 8102/8103 to r8101 driver
    • Add a patch to fix Intel E100 wake-on-lan problems
  • Add usb_modeswitch 1.0.6
  • Add compile options for DCF77-clocks
  • Update of smartmontools to 5.39 stable
  • Ensure that ehci_hci module are loading at first (fix USB2.0 detection)
  • IPSEC:
    • Make ipsec peers reachable from the IPFire
    • Remove not working cryptomodes from ipsec config
  • IPTV fixes:
    • Update of dhcpcd
    • Fix the iqmpproxy install check (pppsetup.cgi)
    • Improve the mac.cgi page. Fixed table and added some comments.
  • CGI changes:
    • Add a donation button to credit page
    • Add a patch to change oinkmaster tmp to /var/tmp
    • Add time constraints feature and local port adressing to outgoing firewall
    • Redesign of chpasswd.cgi
    • Improve the pakfire “ping” message on pakfire.cgi
    • ExtraHD page is now multilingual
    • Fix that crontab was replaced at ramdisk restore
  • Installer:
    • Change installer device from /dev/tty1 to /dev/console
    • Update of memtest86+ to 4.00
  • Languages:
    • Add french language support to installer

Due to the kernel update a reboot of IPFire is necessary!
Warning: Grub is being reinstalled during the update. If you have applied manual changes, you have to reapply them first!
Xen user have to update linux-xen bevor the reboot of the machine!