I have added the next core to testing tree.


  • squid: update to 3.1.14.
  • smartmontools: update to 5.41.
  • collectd: update to 4.10.3.
  • python: update to 2.7.2.
  • apache2: update to 2.2.19.


  • hwdata: update pci and usb database.
  • GeoIP: update database 1.7.2011.


  • add polish languange


  • remove lower bound for frequencies
  • Drop reserved ports from the web GUI.
  • logs.cgi: fix charon string for ipsec log.
  • load graph: fix unlocalized “minutes”.
  • console: add lat2-16 consolefont for polish to initskript.
  • installer: fix unicode support.
  • pakfire.cgi: fix typo.

You have to switch to the testing tree if you want install this core update. Please report if you find problems.