we must apologize, but because of illness and laziness, this update is a bit delayed. We originally planned to release it about two weeks ago, but for now, the planned release is this Friday.

So let’s dig directly into it. What’s new?

This is just a small bugfix update with nothing particular exciting.

Software updates

  • apache2 – 2.2.23 – because of CVE-2012-2687 aka CVE-2008-0455 and CVE-2012-0883
  • dhcp – 4.2.2 – because the older version got confused with VLANs
  • fireinfo – 2.1.6 – Ignore some more invalid ID strings

Other bug fixes

The long awaited OpenVPN fragment/mssfix bug has been fixed and the network-vlans initscript is not too noisy any more.
Despite that, some invalid HTML output was generated by the index.cgi script, which has been reported by mrkaehler. Thank you.

The update has been (unannounced) in the testing tree for some time and we think it is very stable. There is nothing too scary inside. But still, please test.