It’s not a secret any more, that Copfilter will be ported to IPFire (de, en).

So, now we are getting to a phase where we started making proper plans, what will be done. Not so keen on writing a complete roadmap, the Copfilter developers and we agreed on splitting up the components and integrate them chunk by chunk.

The web proxy will be first in line. But don’t expect too much new in this area, because IPFire already comes with a rich set of features in this area. Maybe we will switch over to the ICAP, if we can get all the tools we are currently using to work as well with this protocol. After that, we are going to make some new developments in the transparent SMTP proxy department, but there are no detailed plans, yet.

If you have got some ideas about what could be improved on Copfilter, please get in touch. We are also searching for helping hands for the integration. We will eventually need testers and developers. You will find us on the IPFire-Development mailing list.