this is a reminder for the Copfilter Survey which has been started a while ago. The goal of the survey is to find out if the communities, both support the idea of porting Copfilter to IPFire.

The developers can think of a lot of reasons why this should be happening:

  • IPFire is a much more advanced platform than IPCop.
  • IPFire comes with a built-in package management system which makes it much more easy to update single components of the Copfilter addon.
  • IPFire has got a much more active development team.
  • IPFire releases (security) updates on a regular basis or even in a very short time span when it becomes necessary.
  • IPFire has got a better user experience. The web interface is well structured and comes with a lot of improvements over the interface of IPCop. Frankly, the webinterface is the biggest part that is still very similar to IPCop.
  • Users enjoy how versatile IPFire is although it remains easy to administer – even for not so much experienced admins.

The vast majority of people have voted for the change, but we feel that there are a lot more of you who would like to say what they are thinking.

So, please head over to the Copfilter forums, register if you didn’t do it yet and vote. We would be even more grateful if you could write a few lines, about what you think could be improved.

I explicitly want to say, that we are also appreciating any contribution. So, if you are a developer and have some ideas how to improve Copfilter and IPFire, please get in touch with us.

The links:

Thanks in advance for supporting the IPFire project!